Sunday, 25 June 2017


Rosner Management Services is proud to announce a deal with World Music Stage Records in the U.S..!  WMSR is a trusted brand with major label worldwide distribution and through its sister-company, worldwide publishing and licensing opportunities! 

This relationship will allow RMS artists, with an "eye on the world stage", to create a more level playing field in this competitive business! World Music Stage Records will provide the service and future opportunities artists need in bringing them alongside artists at the highest of levels in distribution and licensing / publishing. It is a great option and one that RMS is excited to include in it's offer to artists! 

WMSR has been a sponsor of Rosner artists for over a year now and we are so grateful for the support they have shown in helping artists around the world. 

As a continuation of commitment to our artists, RMS can now offer world class distribution and licensing opportunities through World Music Stage Records! RMS believes in partnering with quality people and companies like WMSR, to offer it's artists the options that are right for them

This is a partnership that has no limits, as RMS will be also working with WMSR towards other opportunities for both companies artists! See the links below for more information


Web Site:

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

"RiseUp TV" has limited spots left

"RiseUp TV", a tour and global reality TV show being filmed across Canada in the spring of 2018, has a handful of opening's in different cities in Canada, for solo artists and or bands. Below you will find a list of genres we are looking for and in what city they are needed. If you think you would be a good fit and you meet the criteria below, send a link of your music to This ground-breaking TV show, is set to follow over 70 artists from around the world, converging on Canada, for two weeks and 12 shows stretching from Victoria, BC to Montreal, QC. 80% of artist spots are already filled.

Hypnotist and magician Roger Boucher will host this travelling show, to be filmed and released around the world in the fall of 2018. Season two is already in the works, which will be heading to Europe for filming in the spring of 2019. The objective is to capture the ups and downs of artists on the road. There is no telling WHO will emerge as the stars of the shows. The world will decide that! Celebrity guests, big sponsors, its all coming to a TV channel near you!

CITY                              GENRE NEEDED

Victoria, BC                   ONE Singer-songwriter or country
Vancouver, BC               ONE Rock band
Kelowna, BC                  ONE Rock band, ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country
Revelstoke, BC               ONE Rock band, ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country
Calgary, BC                    ONE Hip Hop 
Edmonton, AB                ONE singer-songwriter or country
Windsor, ON                   ONE singer-songwriter or country
London, ON                    ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter
Niagara falls, ON            ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter
Toronto, ON                   ONE singer-songwriter
Peterborough, ON          ONE Hip Hop
Montreal, QC                 ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country

Friday, 16 June 2017


Montreal has a great music scene! It also boasts some of the best in creative guitar designs. Check out JK custom guitars. James Klym will amaze you with his design, workmanship, but also his personal attention to detail. He cares about his clients! I can say first hand that he has created master pieces for my artists. He works with some of the biggest names in music and there is a reason why!. He also sponsored artists in Canada and has a giving heart. These are some of the reasons why this company are well worth the look into. RMS works with artists around the world and we are proud to endorse JK custom guitars!



Monday, 12 June 2017


Newfoundland artist Stephen B Lawrence is climbing every chart imaginable. Just recently he was requested on Hidden Gems Broadcasting like no one could believe! with a hard hitting country rock feel and no nonsense lyrics, this is only the beginning for this artist, as he is now signed with worldwide management company Rosner Management Services and plotting a course for international success. Below are his Facebook and Twitter links, so give him a follow and watch this rising star. Here is a little more info from his bio.

Performing live onstage since 1993, veteran Newfoundland and Labrador singer-songwriter Stephen Lawrence embraces his country and gospel roots to bring his audiences nearly 25 years of toe-tapping, heart-felt original music, hitting stages that range from local festivals and to opening for acclaimed artists, such as Jan Arden.
In the summer of 2016, he released his 6 song EP entitled "Make You Believe", which garnered industry interest and earned him a nomination for the 2016 Music NL Country Recording of the Year. The early single release from the EP, "Far From Where You Are", was also selected as a regional finalist for the 2016 CBC Searchlight competition.
Stephen’s first full-length album is slated for release in the summer of 2017 and a tour across the province and beyond is being developed in support of this much anticipated recording, with a combination of tour sales and e-commerce driving the project forward. With the short-term goal of following this tour with showcases of his craft at major industry events, such as the annual ECMA conference, Stephen’s longer-term goals include tour planning for the Atlantic region, connecting with like-minded artists for song-writing collaborations, and networking to attract producers and artist managers to partner with him as his career moves forward. Poised to move quickly into the Canadian music industry’s spotlight, Stephen Lawrence is a musical force to be reckoned with! Come on out to a live show in your area and let Stephen “Make You Believe”!
To stay informed of tour dates and to receive special offers, such as free MP3 downloads, T-shirts and signature Cowboy hats embroidered with the SBL logo, visit and for booking info contact Route 50 Entertainment Group @



Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Details of the agreement will be released in July 2017, however, what can be said is this. RMS has come to agreement in principle, to open up office in the U.K. The music management company has seen extensive growth in the past 3 years and it's reach is about to gain even more strength with the expansion to the U.K. The service level for artists will grow as well. Touring and promotion for U.K. and European artists wanting to branch out is made easier with this management model. In addition, artists from outside the U.K. and Europe, have a warm contact "on the ground", thus making it easier to branch out into that market. With the RMS model, artists work together around the world and it creates opportunities that would not be possible on their own. A good example is the TV show being produced  and filmed mostly in Canada in 2018 called "RiseUp TV". It will be seen all over the world, via the internet, but also syndicated TV in many countries. Artists like "FUZZ CULTURE" from India and "JMAXX" from South Africa, will be flying into Canada to participate with 70 other artists in this unprecedented TV show and tour across Canada. No expense is being spared in promotion and details. This would not be possible without tremendous on the ground presence from artists working together. Sponsor exposure, charities, artist revenue and mass promotion will make this a big win-win for all involved. The new music business is emerging and it will be better than the so-called good ole days in music. More details of the expansion, TV show and other exciting news will be available on our "RiseUp TV" channel, which will be in place at the end of summer 2017. WE have provided a couple links below to the RMS web site and Facebook page, which will give more details over the summer. For media, artist inquiries please email

Web Site:



Sunday, 4 June 2017


Producer, performer, writer........Princeloo is off and running. Rosner Management Services could not be more proud of the results 8 months into our management deal with Princeloo. We will be continuing to work together and adding value to what has happened now. Princeloo has signed a multi year deal with "Audio Freaks" an international label, who are behind some of the biggest household names in the business. Princeloo is not just an artist, he is a franchise waiting to happen. A brand of excellence and we are very excited to have been a part of helping this to happen! Look for Princeloo to gain momentum and visibility over the next couple years, but also we are negotiating to bring him to Canada for "RiseUp TV" and tour, being filmed in May, 2018. Below are some links to social media and the link to "Audio Freaks" and go music solutions, the partner company.

Audio Freaks:

Go Music Solutions:



Saturday, 3 June 2017


As we look back at the career of Mackenzie Dayle, singer-songwriter, from Edmonton, AB, we are struck by her accomplishments and at such a young age. The fact is that this is only the beginning. In her first years in the music business, Mackenzie began learning very quickly. Each step of the way, brought more connections and ideas. She has pushed herself further, always demanding the best of herself. She has now worked with some of the best and brightest in the industry, a list too long to mention. We found this link from a few years ago, where she sang the anthem for the Edmonton Eskimos. A dream of every singer, to some day do so. With major label interest now and a TV show on the horizon, you can be sure that you will see more of her in the months and years to come. Take a look and listen and even say hi and follow on social media. She loves to hear from fans and friends always. !




Tuesday, 30 May 2017


If you have never seen "Puttin on the Foil" live, they are a must see! You can catch them all over Alberta doing the shows! If you like southern rock, great catchy originals and tasty covers thrown in to spice it up, you will love this show. Below are some links to social media for the band. You will find the show times and dates there, so drop them a message and say hi, but be sure to see them live!



Monday, 29 May 2017


2017 and 2018 are already on track for big things from Windsor, Ontario's Q Divano! With new music being completed shortly, radio singles, videos and even a TV show going worldwide in 2018, this artist is set for big things. Q , who has been achieving success in family life and business outside music, wishes to thank his fans for being patient through this time of musical re birth. Things are being carefully crafted, including a live show that will deliver a punch. He wants to invite you to join his Facebook and Twitter at this time, as things will be progressing towards all of his plans. Stay tuned in and enjoy the show!



Saturday, 27 May 2017


                                                                  Tiffany Desrosiers is a versatile pop vocalist and songwriter who has shared the stage with David Foster, Ben Harper, Jackson Browne, Bobby Kimball (Toto), Colin James, the former Canadian Tenors, Mark Masri, Jully Black and Loverboy. Tiffany has collaborated as a background vocalist on recordings for Rita MacNeil, Mýa and Melanie B (Spice Girls), and has recorded with Ari Levine of the Smeezingtons, production team and songwriters behind names such as Bruno Mars and Adele. Tiffany completed a cross-Canada radio tour of 43 stations in 2015 to promote "Fearless”, a follow-up EP to her 2009 self-titled debut album and best described as an infusion of the powerhouse vocals of Celine Dion and Sia, with classical and electronic overtones.

She made her presence known to thousands when she was hand-picked to record and perform the 2010 BC Summer Games Ceremonies theme song. A multiple finalist of the International Songwriting Competition, American Songwriting Awards and Unsigned Only Competitions, three singles recently received acknowledgment in the 2016 American Songwriting Awards and two are currently Canadian Songwriting Awards semi-finalists in multiple categories. A 2010 Vocal Performance graduate from the University of British Columbia Bachelor of Music program, Tiffany’s unique ability to sing both pop and classical styles led to a performance of the role ‘Köningin der Nacht’ in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte.

On three separate occasions, Tiffany won the BC Provincials, and later went on to represent British Columbia at the Nationals in New Brunswick. A current member of popera group, Vivace, Tiffany's key performances include TEDxVancouver 2012, 2010 Olympics, 2011 Variety Show of Hearts Talent Show, Urban Rush, CTV Canada AM, Canuck Place Charity Event “The Gift of Time”, Global TV Christmas Show and the 7th Annual Face of Today Charity Gala.

Today, Tiffany has signed a non-exclusive management agreement with Rosner Management Services. It is international in nature and the goal is taking on the tough music business head on, with out of the box thinking and a team approach. Rosner Management believes in artists and industry people working together for the good of all. This is something that is close to Tiffany's heart as well, as she is always looking to pair with other artists, charities and sponsors. Here are some links to Facebook and Twitter below. Feel free to reach out and say hi! You will be seeing Tiffany on Rise Up TV next year, a TV show being produced for world consumption by RMS. Stay tuned and follow this extremely talented artists rise!



Friday, 26 May 2017


Renita Zintel, resides in Kelowna, BC, but has dreams of bringing her music and message far beyond there. With help from the internet, artists can now bring their music to the world! Renita has long been a music fan and has been perfecting her song-writing  and performing. It was time to expand her horizon's and grow as an artist, so the first step was management. Rosner Management signed Renita and began to work with her on every aspect. One of the first projects out of the gate is the compilation seen here. It has been released from Factory Fast Records in New York and really gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Have a look a nd follow Renita on Facebook and Twitter, say hi and if you are wanting a taste of this great compilation of artists, she can direct you where to get it. Here are the links



Tuesday, 23 May 2017


With new music ready to roll, management behind them and a strong support cast of bands joining them, Down the Void is ready to rock TORONTO Wednesday night at "The Smiling Buddha". Down the void are definitely up and coming and are now slated for a worldwide release on TV for 2018! The band is growing in popularity and want to reach out as far as possible in the coming year. Come on out and say hi, hear some great music and see the band NOW, before TV takes hold! Below is the link to the Facebook event page for Wednesday night. Also feel free to follow tem on Twitter and reach out to their Facebook page!

Show link:[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22page%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22page_upcoming_events_card%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A[]%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

Facebook page:

Monday, 22 May 2017


Julie Curly, from Montreal, QC, is an example of so many great things! Artists today need to be driven, consistent and always adapting! See the press release below be sure and follow this artists social media. She has a show coming up in Montreal and is poised to be featured in a TV show in 2018, so this is truly just the beginning for Julie!



Artist: Julie Curly MAY 2017
Phone: 289-697-2771

Montreal, Que.: Julie Curly is a brilliant singer/songwriter from the wonderful city of Montreal,
Quebec. Julie is a beautiful soul with such creativity and passion in her music. Delivering songs in both French and English, this woman has no boundaries!Julie is ready to take the world by surprise with her latest album “Flower Power” After 5 years in the making following up her first full length album “Confessions”. Julie Curly has many singles, compilations and 2 full length cover albums. There is also a full length performance in HD of Julie in concert at Le National in August of 2015.
Julie Curly is well received and adored by all who have had the chance to experience her music. Her upcoming EP release will be held on June 9th at Restaurant Marius in Chambly. This free 2-hour show starts at 7:30 pm. You can find her first single from “Flower Power” titled “Stuck in Your Comfort

Zone” on iTunes TODAY!


Carla Bonnell is playing with Russell DeCarle of Prairie Oyster this June 4 in Fredericton, NB. For those of you who are not familiar with Carla, she is creating waves and moving forward in this tough music business. With a "Hidden Gems" radio station launching, new music, playing constant shows and now an A & R director for Rosner Management Services, Carla is a busy girl!. She will also be heading up sponsorship sales in the Music Sponsor Network. So..... if all that weren't enough, she will be touring and staring in a TV show set for filming in the spring 2018, which will be broadcast all over the world! Below are some links to stay in touch, but please say hi and follow and like, to see her pursuit of dreams, as they are coming true right before our eyes!

June 4 show:



Saturday, 20 May 2017


If you are wondering who will be the next Hip Hop sensation, you are looking at him. Samson, from Edmonton AB Canada. With much to say in his well crafted lyrics and a live show that is selling out wherever it goes, this is only the start for this relatively new artist on the scene. He has new music, a radio release,videos and will be a featured artist on a worldwide TV show in 2018, coming to a screen near you. The band wagon ain't near as full as it will be here. Get on now and watch this great artist. Below are some links to videos, press releases and social media sites for Samson. Take a look and send a PM to say hi!





Friday, 19 May 2017


Jackson Reed is set to debut in Calgary. He is a great guy with a load of raw potential. Why not come out and see and say hi! The show is happening on June 4th at Morgan's Pub in Calgary. With the @gwavesband opening. Tickets are $5 at the door, and it starts at 6. Come on down, and bring all your friends too. #rockandroll #classicrock #calgarymusic #yyc #calgary
#stadiumrock #bethere

Please join his Facebook. The links are below!



Ottawa singer songwriter Daryl Bazinet is launching his web site and preparing to show the world some great music on the Rise Up TV show, slated for release and syndication in spring 2018. His sponsor JK custom guitars, out on Montreal designed and built an amazing guitar recently too, so be sure and check it out. You will see the links to Daryl's Facebook and new web site below. PM him for details and shows upcoming! Be sure and follow him and also say hi!

Web site:



Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Artist: TITHONUS MAY 2017
Phone: 289-697-2771

Antwerp, Belgium: Grunge band, Tithonus,is breaking out! Tithonus has their roots deep into
the famous sounds of Seattle's grunge sound. This band is ready to get on tours, more festivals and
other fantastic venues! Tithonus has been performing all over Belgium, Norway, Germany and the
Netherlands over the last couple of years and are looking forward to performing in many other cities
and countries! There are no boundaries for Tithonus."Tithonus indeed pushes boundaries within the global grunge-scene – partially because of those aforementioned noise-elements. Making them innovative in both styles”They released their self titled EP in 2016 and are currently working on their next to be released at a later date. Currently Tithonus is looking to further their performances, full force, in the music scene. This band is hard working, devoting everything into their music!
Tithonus is a MUST SEE band!

Rosner Management Services:
Booking Agent: Azariah Paris:


Artist: Solvent of Society MAY 2017
Phone: 289-697-2771

Victoria, B.C: Solvent of Society is an Alternative rock band coming out of Victoria British
Columbia, Canada. Known for their sold out performances at the annual Moonfest Festival, they also
hold house band status at Howler's in Ucluelet.
In March of 2015 Solvent of Society released their EP titled “S.O.S” (A 4 song release) which has had great feedback and more than 1000 plays on internet radio to date. With songs such as Glory and
Flipside that grab your attention right away, this band is a must on your playlist! The guys have been
working hard to complete their upcoming LP “Throw The World Away” which will be released this
summer featuring 9 tracks including a re-recording of their single Glory from their last release. The
band plans to release a series of videos for this LP to accompany single releases throughout the summer of 2017.

Be sure to follow Solvent of Society's dates:
• May 18th Unity Rally/Rise Up Victoria: Social rally at Centennial Square in Victoria from
6:30pm-7pm. This is followed by a free concert at Lucky Bar from 8pm-1am featuring
Aviator Shades.
• May 26th Rise Up Duncan: The Duncan Showroom hosts Solvent of Society, Secondhand
Habit, æsc & embla. This event is all in support of keeping the Duncan Showroom
running in times of financial trouble. Tickets are $10, doors are at 7pm
• June 16th Single/Music Video release for the Title track to our album Throw the World

Monday, 15 May 2017

Simon-Rise up, Flow and Grow High!

Hi everyone, 

Well we’re preparing for the Rise up Tour in Québec city. This year it’s at the Ninkasi on St-Jean street. 

July Curly and AzemCa from Montreal well be part of the show. As for me, I’ll be playing with Charles-William and Jibi. Jibi is the newest member of the team. We’ve had a lot of fun together. So much talent reside is these two guys… They make my music flow and grow high. 

Here’s a promotional video I made in French. 
After speaking I’m singing a sample of my latest song: “Dear Bipolar”. 
On the 28th will be our last rehearsal before the big night. 
I’ll be sure to film it and to show it to you as soon as it’s out. 
Till then… have fun! 😉 Simon

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


For those of you who love live music, it doesn't get any better than this! Tod Hughes hits the stage June 8 at the famed "Ironwood Stage and Grill" Tod's music has it's roots in folk, with earthy tones and great storytelling! The shows are always packed and it is a great experience! Recently Tod's music was selected for several episodes of the hit TSN show " Highways to Fairways" The show is approaching 3 million viewers per episode, with the online release coming soon, where his music will also be featured. Charities are also very important to Tod and giving back is one of his goals in life, so this is a feel good story all the way round. Check out his links below, including a link to the show details coming up at the Ironwood!

Ironwood Stage And Grill:



Friday, 5 May 2017


If you have ever wondered what a "HOUSE CONCERT" is, here goes........ Picture a house party with 20-40 people or more, gathered together for a social evening. The host is opening up their home and putting out some food and refreshments. It can be in doors or out. Besides an evening of fun, it also brings an opportunity for an artist, singer songwriter, band, to get up close with potential new fans, sell some cd's and connect with new towns. Since the entry fee is between $15-$20 , the host and artist split works really well for both. Sophie Bijjani, from Ottawa Canada is embarking on just that, this coming July, 2017. She wants to reach out to potential hosts AND other artists who may want to collaborate in any city in Canada, so we have provided a few links and some contact info below if you are interested in chatting with her.. What a great artist, we are so proud of you Sophie! She will also be collaborating on the Pat Belliveau "emerging artists" compilation in the Fall of 2017, so this is definitely an artist worth watching.




Thursday, 4 May 2017


Rosner Management Services welcomes South African artist JMAXX! His international acclaim is growing and his worldwide release "Sassy Girl" propelled him to new heights! This summer JMAXX will be touring INDIA and following it up with a tour of CANADA in 2018. JMAXX will also be featured in the TV show RISE UP! that will be filmed in the spring of 2018. With many plans in the coming months, including recording new music and videos, this is an artist to watch. Reach out and say hi on his social media and check out the video below!

Sassy Girl:



Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Teemus Supreme is a Vancouver Hip Hop artist that is coming of age, like a fine wine, he is perfecting his artistry and craft before our eyes. Always willing to give to charity and share his knowledge and talent with the world. A busy summer is shaping up, so check into his Facebook page for updates and you can always send  Private message for show updates and communication. Sumeet Jassal is his name off stage, so introduce and follow! He is also gearing up for the TV show that will be filmed in the spring of 2018 here in Vancouver and released around the world!!! Stay tuned and see this talented artist rise up!!!



Web site:

Monday, 1 May 2017


Jazz master Pat Belliveau is set to perform the infamous "Ironwood Stage and Grill" in Calgary May 16! If you have never seen Pat live, it is a must! Fresh off his appearance with Colin James last month, Pat will amaze. Below is his Facebook fan page, where you can message him for tickets. Pat is also an endorsed Yamaha artist and is also now beginning plans for his new release in 2018 that will be the "Pat Belliveau Emerging artists series". This will feature Pat collaborating with artists from around North America. If that ain't enough, Pat is set to hit the road and be featured in a TV show after the release. Make sure you connect with him on the links below and say Hi!



Have a listen:

Sunday, 30 April 2017


From Montreal, this is Azemca! New to the music scene, she is now growing her Facebook and Twitter! With plans to showcase in Montreal this year, the musical journey will continue. Azemca has also been included in the "Pat Belliveau" compilation being recorded in Calgary and released worldwide in the Fall! Stay tuned for more dates and info coming, with this great artist



Saturday, 29 April 2017


If you have never heard Paul Woida before, you are in for a treat! just take a moment, you will be a fan for life. One of the busiest artists in terms of playing live, strong songs, musically creative and best of all........ a good person, who brings much to the world around us. He has a strong message and has a great future. He is one of those artists that delivers live and not just in the studio! Don't take my word for it, have a listen! See the Facebook and Twitter link and follow below, but also I have included one of his videos as well.




Friday, 28 April 2017


Vancouver hip hop artist CANDER hits the stage Friday May 26 at the popular "MEDIA CLUB"! Joining him on stage will be an all-star cast including:

DJ Ted-D (dj and beats)

Babie Paul (emcee and beats)

Back Bone (bass)

It is the CD release party as well, for this collaboration of artists. Merch for the project will be there as well, as this project fires up. Cander's Facebook link is below, so message for tickets. Cander will also be releasing the video "Spheres", so stay tuned for more from this exciting artist, including a TV show coming in 2018!


Tuesday, 25 April 2017


These two great artists ,Delaney Rose and Symentha Holmns are coming together for an amazing show coming up in June. The  details are below in the press release. The event is partially sponsored by "HEMPCO" and will also act as the launch for the "JUST BELIEVE FOUNDATION". The artist links are also below, where you can message them for inquiries. Tickets are also available online at the link below!

" Break thru mentorship non profit society,
for all ages for all arts programs.
On Saturday, June 24th, 2017 we will be launching the Just Believe Foundation non
profit society at the Castle Neighbourhood Grill, at 319 Governors Court,in New
Westminster, British Columbia. We will be hosting our conference from 3:00pm to
6:00pm focusing on health, wellness, and talent sponsors and speakers. We are looking
for the right sponsors to join in to bring to the forefront the talent in our own
community. Each sponsor will be given special time to speak about their product or
opportunity at the conference. There will also be sessions available for guests to join in
to learn songwriting, art, drum making, and list goes on. Our concert will begin at
7:30pm with two stages including performances by Symentha Holmes, Delaney Rose
and soon to be advised performers. Tickets available now on eventbrite .
We believe in the value of a holistic approach to talent, mentorship. Each talent
deserves to be recognized and by our own examples as mentors, we can show the
value and the opportunity of the talent that everybody always had.
Executive Director: Delaney Rose
604 722 1860

Online Tickets:


Monday, 24 April 2017


The world will now be exposed to what we at RMS have known for a few years now. This is a talented and bright star! Follow her career as she blossoms into an international star!. Here is the press release going out right away everywhere! RMS will be helping in any way we can!


Alma Records announces signing of Brenda Navarrete
Toronto, Canada, April 24, 2017 – Toronto‐based “music first” label Alma Records, in its 25th
year of operation, is very pleased to announce the signing of Brenda Navarrete to an exclusive
multi‐release recording deal, bringing the 26‐year old Cuban artist’s fresh and unique
interpretation of contemporary World and Jazz music to the international stage. Recording of
the multi‐talented singer, percussionist, composer and arranger’s debut CD will begin in May,
with plans to complete recording at Toronto’s Phase One Studios in time for a September 2017
Brenda Navarrete is one of Cuba’s great young talents and a graduate of Cuba’s prestigious
Amadeo Roldán conservatory. She has made her mark working alongside an array of Cuba’s
music elite, while her solo career has included television and radio broadcasts of live
performances, and tours in North America. With a solid foundation of Latin Jazz and Afro‐Cuban
influences, Brenda has spread her wings into contemporary World Music, featuring proud
Cuban roots with jazz undertones.
“We’re thrilled to welcome Brenda Navarrete to our label and we look forward to great things
in the months and years ahead,” says Peter Cardinali, President of Alma Records. “Brenda is a
special talent, with music in her soul, and we’re eager to create memorable recordings that will
convey that to the world.”
The signing with Alma Records follows a management agreement between Brenda Navarrete
and Wild West Artist Management, headed by Canadian music industry veteran, Jim West. The
management deal will help support the release of Brenda’s CD, with plans to begin touring
internationally in 2018.
“Brenda is a terrific addition to our rosterof talented artists and we are pleased to be
embarking on this journey with her,” says Jim West. “We look forward to a productive and
successful relationship that will grow for many years to come.”
In 2010, Brenda Navarrete won a national competition during Cuba’s prestigious Fiesta del
Tambor, winning first prize in the category of Bata drums, as well as for best interpretation by a
female artist. Her percussion talents were first rewarded with an endorsement contract from
Canadian company Sabian, and she subsequently signed an artist endorsement deal with the
Gon Bops percussion company in March 2016.
Jane Harbury Publicity
609 Soudan Avenue • Toronto, ON • M4S 1X7
tel: 416.960.1568
About Alma Records: Alma Records is an established independent
“music first” label with a roster of talented Grammy nominated and
multiple Juno award winning artists. Our focus is on artist development
and production in jazz, world, Latin, pop/jazz, singer/songwriter, R&B,
soul, funk and blues. Our worldwide distributors include Universal
Music Canada, Sony, eOne, Proper, and more.
About Wild West Artist Management: Wild West Artist Management
works to further artists’ careers by providing marketing and
professional development advice, counsel and support. The company
is specialized in strategic development of artistic brands and growth
Further information contact:
Jane Harbury Publicity 416.960.1568

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Renita Zintel-Excited About the Future

Where do I start …..

1 step forward 2 steps back, then one step forward againJ
I was working with a band for over a year but due to conflict of interest that came to a end a month ago. Started this year looking for change and I got it!
Presently in the process of having   a song mixed and mastered and planning to do
at least one more song  for a Cd  ,want to  release  a single by summer.

Collaborating to arrange some of my songs, gonna play at lots of Jams the next few monthsand booking  shows for the summer.

 Looking forward to playing at a “Nadrowski Fest” my family reunion in July  this summer at the lake.

I also have been learning Java Script ,been making rough video’s of my songs on my computer and wearing out my Zoom R16 Recording songs.

Excited about the future……

xo Renita Z

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